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Best Techniques for Great Predictions

Bhrigu Astrology

Bhrigu Saral Padatthi (BSP) and Bhrigu Chakra Padatthi module (included for the first time in any App) makes it easy to apply them on charts to give stunning predictions. App contains the maximum number of BSPs available to us. Use BCP to give prediction by dates. (1st time)

Rare Dasha Systems

App includes as many as 10 dasha system. Some of these dashas are included for the first time in any software. Many of these dashas can be applied on divisional charts to give accurate predictions.

Basic Information

Paanchang (Tithi, Weekday, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana), Bhrigu Bindu, Paanch Pakshi, Avakhada chakra, Ghat chakra, Navtara from all planets, Hindu Sunrise / Sunset, etc. All these gives invaluable clues about the native

Insightful Reports

Review various reports to get deeper insights into specific areas of Natal chart. Learn about Pending Karmas, Nakshatra remedies, Panchang, Most Important Years & Dates and many more.


Find out more about important numbers in your life. Each number represents various characteristics. Learn about your own Destiny & Fate number. App also include Lo Shu Grid.

Save Notes

Save notes about each chart to keep track of important events. Analyzing past events helps in understanding chart and predicting future events.

Support for multiple Languages

Our App supports Hindi, English & Russian languages.

Chart Styles

We support both North Indian & South Indian charts. You can always change chart sytle in "Preferences"

Support for multiple themes

You can select among available themes to change color combinations. We current have 2 themes available in the app - Default & Brown

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    Make Predictions

    Apply many rare techniques to make great predictions

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    Create Unlimited Divisional Charts
    Basic Info
    Basic Dashas
    Transit of Planets
    Cloud Storage
    BCP & BSPs
    Rare Dasha Systems
    Celebrity Charts
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    Create Unlimited Divisional Charts
    Basic Info
    Basic Dashas
    Cloud Storage
    BCP & BSPs
    Rare Dasha Systems
    Celebrity Charts
    Deities of Divisional charts
    Strength of Planets & Signs - Jaimini
    Transit Astakavarga & Navtara

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter Longitude, Latitude & Time zone details manually while creating charts?

On the Create chart screen, you can leave "Place of Birth" blank. Longitude, latitude and Time zone fields accepts values in Decimal degrees. Positive values for Latitude indicates place which is North of equator. Negative values for Latitude indicates place which is South of equator. Similarly, Positive value for Longitude indicates place which is East of Greenwich. Example, someone born in French Camp, California. French Camp is located at 37°52′58″N 121°16′47″W. In order to create chart for this native, we need to enter Latitude as 37.887 (positive value as place is north of equator) and Longitude as -121.27 (negative value as place is West of Greenwich) Time zone field requires UTC Offset value in decimals. For example, if someone is born in UTC−8 (PST) time zone. Timezone entry should be -8.

Not able to upgrade, what can I do?

Try un-installing and re-installing the app from Google Play Store. It should likely to fix the issue with upgrade. If that does not work, you can always reach us on support email address.

If I un-install the App, will my chart data be deleted?

No, any chart that you create in this app will not get deleted when you un-install the app. We all hate to loose our precious data. We are storing your chart data on the Cloud so that even if you un-install the app or loose your phone, your data is safe. We are also storing chart data on the Cloud even for free users.

How can I delete charts which are stored on my profile?

You can always Delete charts stored on your profile using Left Menu > "Saved Charts" > Delete button. Once chart is deleted using Delete button, it cannot be restored. In other words, it will be lost forever.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, everyone who creates a new account gets 60 days access to all free and premium features

What payment methods do you accept?

For Android devices, you can make payments with Google Pay. For Deals & Specials, visit our Online store

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can always change you plan. Any promotions applied at the time of purchase will not carry over.

How can I reach you?

See our contact details at the bottom of this page.

When can I expect this App on Apple platform?

We completed development for this App for Apple devices and submitted it to the App store way back in September 2019. They rejected our app saying that it is an Astrology app and it cannot be published on the App store as Astrology is a saturated category for them. We do not have time and energy to take Apple to the court. All we say to Apple is Good Luck.

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*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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